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" I have used the Mom leads & Long Form Surveyed Leads and bothare great leads. I have set many appointments and have a few follow ups from my last batch of Long Form Surveyed Leads. Thanks" Sharon D Ameriplan USA  4/21/2013


  "I I have not used up all the leads you gave me (20 Short Form Leads  0-24 Hours). I've got 4 different women very interested, and I will follow up with them this evening or tomorrow.. I am so very positive that these 4 will Join.. I don't think I will purchase leads from any other site, and being a newbie, I am proud of this".   Anna V  Ameriplan USA  10/1/2012 





Susan-California 10/1/2012
 I have been in Network Marketing for about 5 years had have call more 
 leads than I care to admit. It was not until I started using Leadstore00
 Leads  that I really reached major success. My ROI is great as long as I
 work the leads and my home based business has never paid me more!
 Thanks April  

"Carol R" "EveVenture" 9/25/12

"The last batch of the phone interviewed leads I received from you
produced two enrollments in the same day! Thank you for the quality 
leads at an affordable price.
"Rachel A" "Melaleauca" 9/25/12
"I have just tried the long form female leads. I was very impressed
 by the response I received. Everyone that I called knew that they 
had requested information. I set many appointments from my batch
of 40 and I have two enrollments pending and I have not even 
gotten to call all of them yet. These leads are fantastic! I will so buy 
them again. I was afraid that they would be low quality because of 
the low price but I was so surprised to find they were high quality at a
low price
"Betty D"    "Melaleauca "9/25/12
 "I have used Leadstore00 for my Melaleuca business that I started back in 
 April of this year.They have been good for me and April is awesome to 
 work with."
 "Cheryl T"    "Ameriplan "9/25/12
 I have used leads from Leadstore00 several different times and have had 
great success.I got 25 leads and had the opportunity to set up 15 
appointments and 5 people who are very interested in my business"
 "Cheryl T"    "Ameriplan "9/25/12
  " I have used leads from Leadstore00 several different times and have had 
    great success.I got 25 leads and had the opportunity to set up 15 
    appointments and 5 people who are very interested in my business"
"Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the quality
of the leads I have received. I have set appointments that I have either
closed already or have very positive outlooks. The prospects I have 
talked with have been, for the most part very positive and were in fact 
looking for a home based business. It’s nice not to get “blown off” when 
people answer the phone or have them tell me they were not looking 
for information on Melaleuca. Keep up the good work."
Rhonda W.
"I decided to work locally, so I purchased your Local Leads. One of my
 enrollments enrolled 8 customers in 4 days! She's a real gem. Of course,
 I purchased more Local Leads this month and I think I've already found 
another gem. These leads are great!"
Maryann G.
I have purchased leads from you.  A different variety depending on what 
my budget was. Great for the tight pocket book.  They are really good.  I like 
the mom leads the best because I can build a connection with the lead.  
But the best thing about this is the customer service!!  You are great.  If I have 
a question or am having problems with a batch of leads you are quick to help 
and you stand by your word!  I will never get leads from any other company 
out there!  
Ann B

My team has found these leads to be of great quality and very affordable.  I have tried several of the lead types personally and all have been good.  The leads rarely come with bad phone numbers or email addresses.  The individuals remember requesting information on my business and are receptive to setting up an appointment to get all of the details about my Melaleuca business.  April is always very responsive to our needs for fresh quality leads and has been an absolute pleasure to work with!  The pricing structure is reasonable and I can honestly say that I have truly gotten my money's worth!  I am excited to have found Leadstore00 leads as she has been able to deliver leads that have not been incentivized to ask for information.  These are people who will listen to the information you want to share with them. Thanks so much, April, for your dedication to helping us with finding people who need what we have!



Great Customer service! Really try to help and make things right if there is a problem.
Quality for the cost is phenominal. This is my main lead source I found some great business partners through this source.

Susan W







Hey the telephone verified are pretty good, out of ten I talked to 3 ppl to send to position details and left vm on 5 and two are being replaced for bad numbers.



I have been very pleased with these leads. They remember having requested information and most people are very responsive. I would definitely recommend them to others as I think they are good value.

 Victoria N
Ameriplan USA



I have used Leadstore00's leads for 2 years. I have always gotten AWESOME results. If any were bad they'd replaced them. I have even gotten busy and not been able to call these leads and have used them as far back as 3 months with enrollments. I always get results with the Long Form Mom leads and female  leads. They remembered asking for info and definitely willing to listen to your presentation and getting Great results with enrollments. Those are my top 2 choices although I have had such great results with these 2 I have not tried the others yet. But I have always gotten great quality for my money.I highly recommend any leads from here to help grow your business and refer them to your partners as well If you want your business to grow..


Cassandra B.

Mom Execs Director III




I have been using Leadstore00 for over a year now.  I have to say that they are the most affordable, best quality leads for the price.  I absolutely love the Female Verified Telephone Leads.  7/10 of my last enrollments from the past two months have been from these leads.  The people almost always remember requesting information and are ready to hear more!  Thank you for all you do April.




Melissa Williams,





Wow!!  4 enrollments out of 30 dials!!  I use the mom team leads and the batch that I got this time is great!!  They are friendly and are looking to make money from home plus they are setting appointments so that I can get them the information.  It is going to be an awesome month!!



Stayin Home And Lovin It!




I have been using the $1.50, Shali, and Area Code leads since December 2007 which have worked out very well for me and my team. These leads are affordable for anyone who has a very tight budget starting out. I will continue to use these leads!

Donna Shali 2/9/2010


Christina B FPG

Questions or Comments: Just wanted to say thank you because I have gotten better results from your leads than the leads that were extremely expensive. For such a long time I was afraid I was not going to be able to build my business because I was on such a limited income and the other lead companies were so expensive and produced poor results. I have gotten great results with your leads and am excited to do repetitive business with you as well as have my other teammates use your leads! You guys are AWESOME!



 The Female Surveyed Leads are awesome!  I have enrolled two so far and everyone else seems to be very receptive to get the information on hearing about my home based business. With the price of the leads you can not go wrong with these leads.the autoresponder leads that I have received have been pretty fresh and have had success there as well. Thanks April for the great leads and keep up the awesome leads :) -Susan G. 6/17/2009









I LOVE these area code double opt in leads!  This gives me a better way to contact people in my own area and time zone that are looking for an opportunity.  Thanks for giving me an inexpensive leads option that isn't a waste time.  -Chrystal A. 6/17/2009





Thanks so much, you have a customer in me for life! I only purchased 10 of the phone interviewed leads.  I set up 3 appointments and one enrolled!!! And I have 2 more to get in contact with.  -Robin G. 6/17/2009






Great leads, I made 6 appts the first day, out of only 20 ordered. -Cari  6/17/2009



Hi, I ordered the phone verified leads. So far the results have been good for these leads. I have ordered other leads in the past and they do not even add up to the quality of these leads. Thank you for adding high quality leads still at an affordable price for those trying to build a business.You have a customer for LIFE!!

Shannon W.  Zango 6/2/2009



Wow, I was completely shocked at the responsiveness of the phone interviewed leads. I will be ordering more. I had good results with these leads out of 20 leads I have enrolled 3 right away and have 6 more people that are very interested and have gone on a conference call. Thanks

Susan H. Ameriplan USA  6/2/2009


The site is great and your customer service is so kind, I really appreciate you being patient with all my questions

Caroline H  SHALI


I purchased a set of real time mom leads today for my melaleuca biz and I am happy to say I was blown away at the results. I will be buying my real time leads from here from now on thank you

Amanda D Mom Execs 4/21/2009


 I would like to truly thank you for emailing me the leads..I have already gotten a prospect who will be coming to my meeting this afternoon...once again thank you..Veronica...I will be ordering some more next month...Veronica

3-17-2009. Area Code New York Leads - Ameriplan


Kantrese: Ameriplan

oh yes! I've had good results with your leads.... thanks so much for making them so affordable... I don't hardly ever buy leads....when I do, I get them from you and one other vendor--- but I like yours better cause they are AP specific and affordable



Real Time Telephone Interviewed leads: I ordered 10 of the Real Time Telephone Verified leads and I thought they were really good. I was able to set up 4 appointments and everyone that I did talk with had remembered requesting information and were very interested in hearing about my opportunity. Belinda L. 1-21-09

I just received my first order and was pleased when I started making calls. I set up 2 appointments right away. I have one pending enrollment and another appointment set. I will order again. Linda K.1-21-09


Thanks for your telephone leads, especially the telephone interviewed leads. I only bought 25 of your telephone interviewed leads, but I must say, I was pleased with the response. The people I spoke to were very pleasant on the phone. So far, 1 enrollment and it's looking like 1 more before Christmas. In addition, I have referred 4 of my key leaders to you and you will be receiving their orders soon.
Melinda W. 12-21-08


"I order premium mom leads 3 times a week because of the results that I get from using them. I typically sign on 4-5 per set of 25." Cynthia 11-10-08

"I wanted to let every one know that I ordered 20 member leads from April and was able to set up 5 appointments right away and signing up 3." Susan 11-11-08


"Thanks for the e-mail...you guys do such an awesome job on the leads. They are worth waiting for."
Sharon k. Ameriplan 9-20-08


"I have found these to be some great leads, that is why i keep coming back, thanks." Sheila D 9-12-08


"Your Prices are cheaper than most Lead Companies, also the quality has been good. Having good conversations with people." Dan H. 8-28-08


"My name is Derrick T. and I am a customer. Just wanted to say you have a very Good customer service person in April!Derrick T 8-20-08


"I wanted to personally thank you for your response. I'm working on these leads and having a great time! This is definitely a great way to build your business and I look forward to continued opportunities! Thanks again!" Jennifer K 7-10-08

"I have tried several lead sources and yours have proven to be the best. When I contact the people, they remember asking for the information and are anxious to learn more."
Carey S. 7-2-08

She is very Helpful, Courteous, Patient and Knowledgeable. Every time I have a request she answers in a very Professional and Prompt manner.

I enjoy the Prices and Quality of your Leads.


You have a loyal customer for life. This is without a doubt the very best leads company on the planet!!! Yes I said planet. Your prices are better than reasonable and your leads are the best. Thanks April
Cythia 2-15-08


Best Prices & Leads, & I've used them all !!!!
Michelle 5-30-2007

LOVE your leads- great service- I have already passed you on to my downline AAA+
Denise Ameriplan 5-30-2007


I worked a set of your MOM leads that my upline
shared with me last week. Out of 6 presentations,
I signed up 4 new brokers. That is incredible results
on such low-cost leads.Tammy 5-12-07

I enrolled one out of my first batch of leads within 24 hrs.
I made 7 appointmnets out of 25 leads.Very Impressed. I am
referring my team to you.The leads are awesome for the money!!!!
Jessica H. 03-15-2007

These leads are awesome. I got a batch of 25 Mom
leads and I got 3 people that said,"YES I want to enroll". I am so excited.
Thank you April- I appreciate you! Susan D 2-02-2007

I am recommending these leads to all my team as they are very
reasonably priced, and most all of them are receptive to hearing
more about us and when they do, a large number are willing
to give us a try.These are the
best leads ever.Jennifer E. 2-06-2007

I have enrolled four
people from this last batch! Awesome. Everyone was very
responsive. FANTASTIC LEADS! Thankyou April Carlie R. 2-06-2007

I am so impressed with these leads, I get great response everytime
and April you are so easy to work with too! You have great customer
service and I thank you so much. Your leads are affordable
for us who are starting out! I will recommend you to many on
my team. Oh wait I already have!! Thanks! Sandra E. 2-08-2007

Great leads, this is the only lead source I use.
April has great prices and leads to go with it.I
recommend her leads to my entire team.Keep up the excellent
customer service. Kathy M. in Texas 2-14-07


I purchased the 25 Ameriplan leads about 4
weeks ago. I signed up 3 out of the 25! I think that
is incredible! Really good results!kathy


Thank you Thank you April!!! Great leads for
my ameriplan usa business. I signed up 3 new brokers
so far with one set of leads. I am so excited that I
found you.
Gayle G. 09-12-2007


Thanks I am very happy with the daily leads. Please have a sale for my birthday in Nov! I will get the mom leads next time!
Veronique 10/5/2007

I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you for the member leads. My team members are having really great conversations with these prospects and I will be ordering these from you every month from now on. :-)

Jenn 11-9-07

I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate being able to purchase leads from your site! I have gotten great experience at making contacts and bringing people to overview calls. And, I've been able to build my team with people I've met through these leads! Thank you so much for making them available!
Carrie 11-9-07


The leads I always get from you are totally awesome. I have gotten several enrollments from them and the people always remember asking for the information. I have only gotten a few bad numbers and they have always been replaceable. I don't get leads anywhere else and I don't advertise. Why should I? These are the best, the fastest, the cheapest and the most dependable. Thanks for all you do for all of us.
Vickie C. 11-9-07


I'm with Momexecs and Melaleuca. This is my 3rd month with them. I have used your leads starting about a month ago. I'm getting some appointments and hopefully will be enrolling some soon. Sharon N 11-9-07